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Gladiator: The Epic Slot Machine

Who would have not seen the movie, actually I haven’t. Actually I am not a big fan of periodic movies that roam around fact and give the rollaway of time. I fact I came to know about it by my colleague when he told me about this new slot game entered in the industry. So being a player I decided to watch the movie itself first, so very first I checked its rating on IMDB and then tried to watch it on live stream but it didn’t play so I made it download on my pc.

When I saw it then I understood the true meaning of gladiator, it was really amazing the cast, the soundtrack, the actor, the actress all did hell of a job there. The theme and the story were based on the arena where the braves use to fight for themselves and the country. In other words life was pretty hard those days.

After checking out the movie I went for the pokie machine themed on it, which is a 5 reel, 50 pay line slots available to you by the king of slot makers Microgaming. Then I looked for the pokie review and some tutorial videos on how to play it and some important things to keep in mind while playing it. It really helped a lot when I played the game with the free play I found while roaming on the web. The slot got some really great features like amazing graphics, thrilling and exciting music and big jackpots to win while enjoying the game.

That’s how I played and watch the movie on a same day and it was a pretty good day I enjoyed it with beers and snack on the table and also made some bucks while virtually travelling to the coliseums of Rome. And from that day my taste towards the periodic movies got changes and I started liking them and watch many after this particular one.